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New Unsweetened Taste. Next Week: Low Fat Water?
When we see a bag of nuts with the warning " May Contain Nuts" we laugh.

 "I should hope it does because I only opened it ten minutes ago - if it doesn't, the kids are for the high jump!!" we say marvelling at the nannyishness of the label.

However not all manufacturers exhibit such concern. Take the label below

Here we are told in large letters that the product is unsweetened with the addition of the word "Taste" in the smallest font available.  "Ha! Ha! what a sly trick" we laugh until we look at the side of the tin to check the sugar content and discover that the product actually contains more than 30% sugar!!
Who makes this product?
There's no denying the quality but, as a diabetic, my trust has been more than somewhat dented.
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