If you attend meetings, you and your colleagues will want to know whether they conform to current best practice.

Sadly, some meetings are less at the leading edge than others and do not deal with the requisite quota of current issues.

As a result, they are not always in the ball park of adding value to our world class best practice.

Very often the showstopper is that the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing because the goalposts are moving.

We need to think outside the box if we are going to fast track to a win-win situation and absorb the lessons learnt.

We need to touch base with the core business of meetings and tune in to the big picture.

Lets face it, we all have issues with meetings - they can be a slippery slope of putting ticks in boxes or empowered employees failing to envisioneer result-driven scenarios.

There is a knock-on effect to our game plan if the bottom line is quality-driven no-blame meetings.

These empower a bread and butter methodology for determining strategic fit and synergy, so that, as movers and shakers, we must enhance our metrics and sing from the same hymnsheet.

So: bottom line:- let's revisit our mindsets and put this one to bed.

Test whether your meetings conform to the latest paradigms with the Jargonometer

The more cutting edge phrases that come up, the more likely it is that communication is meeting the state-of-the-art paradigm that enriches your procedural disciplines and methodologies - you know it makes sense.

Enough! Show me the Jargonometer!

The Jargonometer

Empowering your paradigms to the next level...

The Rod Jones Guide to

Print this out and take it to your next meeting.

Tick off each essential phrase as it occurs and if you complete the full card, you will know that you are standing on the shoulders of giants.