Abstracts 2010


Medium: Acrylic on Board 20 X 16 inches

The board was heavily textured using filler and gesso as well as sand.

People often ask where the inspiration for these comes from. The answer is that it is an interactive process where the application of a particular block of colour or a particular mark suggests a usefull juxtaposition which may lead to a satisfactory conclusion.

Sometimes the texturing which is applied at the start of the painting is very helpful to this process but sometimes following theforms suggested by the textures forces an unsatisfactory composition which requires a drastic revision.

This can be seen in the picture below from which this work evolved.



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The first working of Geological.

Although the "eye" was interesting, the effect of the whole composition was confused and lacked a coherent focus.

Turning the board on its side and reworking the composition resulted in a more satisfying picture.


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