Print Guide Prices

These prices are in pounds sterling (GBP) for unframed prints and include packing and UK postage by recorded delivery.

As you can see, prices are based on the size of the prints (in millimetres) which vary depending on the aspect ratios of the individual images. These sizes are the image sizes - the prints are supplied with 30-50mm white borders. The bottom border is signed and carries the number of the print and the title of the work.

To price a print, simply make a note of its size and check it against this table.

207x305 20

260X300 to 260x340 25

305x320 25

330x262 25

350X245 to 350x250 25

385X280 25

430X305 to 430x320 35

224x305 20

270X180 15

308x430 35

345X255 35

360X250 25

407x311 32

450x305 35

224x312 20

300X215 25

310x442 35

350x240 20

370x345 32

407x327 35

450x324 35

230x305 20

305x187 to 305x260 20

315X215 20

350X241 20

380X270 25

420x300 30

520x360 45

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