Malvern Evening Sky

Acrylic on Board

Location: Malvern, Worcestershire

This very dramatic sky is a worthy addition to this section of the portfolio.

Photographers kill to get a good sunset - painters have a lot more control and sometimes a painting of a really lurid sunset is disbelieved by its viewers, even if they see the photograph of the original scene.

Many artists pretend to despise the use of photographs for paintings but it is noticeable that they tend to be the technically challenged among their number and so their purist stance often stems from a simple failure to get to grips with photography.

However, if your time in a particular location is limited, photography is an absolute must to capture as much as possible for future reference. Both Canaletto and Vermeer painted from photographs in the sense that they both used a camera obscura to capture an accurate image.

Available as a 305x220 mm and a 430x310 mm limited edition print


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