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I have a natural affinity for water (I swim 60 lengths every morning before breakfast) and, as a result, I find that subjects with water in them are irresistible.

I'm told that this is because I'm a Scorpio but I don't think so - Scorpios don't believe in astrology.

You may notice that there are quite a few pictures of the River Pang. This is because I regularly walk along the Pang at all times of the year and nearly always find a new aspect to paint.

I will shortly have enough paintings to create a separate gallery for the Pang and Pangbourne.

If you like my watery subjects, you will find more in my Winter and Skies galleries as well as Norfolk, Tenby and North Yorkshire

To enter the gallery, simply click on any of the links underneath the thumbnails below.

Boston Harbour Sunset

Bassenthwaite Lakeside


River Tillingbourne

Strand on the Green

View from Whitchurch Bridge

River Pang Reflections

River Pang Near Tidmarsh

The End of Winter

Ramsgate Marina


Heath Lake Reflections

Hastings Autumn Sunshine

Heath Lake Vortex

The Drip

Dinton Pastures


Stade Breakwater, Hastings


Commotion on South Lake

Popes Meadow, Binfield

The Ferry Inn, Cookham

Hambleden Mill

Bristol Docks, Backlit

Cockwood Vista

Private Fishing

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