West Malvern Early '90s

Location: West Malvern

Acrylic on Board

Views from the top of the Malvern's often disappoint.

Views including the Malverns are generally more successful.

I produced this painting more than 12 years ago and although the composition appealed to me, I felt that it was a little cold and lacked many of the qualities that I have developed in the last 15 months of painting landscapes in acrylics.

Consequently, I took it and spent a number of weeks modifying the composition and the balance of tones as you can see below



West Malvern 2009.

The foreground has been brought forward by increasing the depth of colour in the cornfield and putting more detail into the hedgerow.

The hills were too black and threatening on the original so a series of blue/white transparent glazes were added to give them greater recession and increase the impression of depth in the painting.

The sky was a little primitive and has been softened and refined as well as being warmed in keeping with the changes in colour in the mid-ground.

Distant houses have been added.(because they were there)


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